Clock! 2.3

Treat your eyes to a more visible clock


  • Set your own clock background
  • Lots of style and size options


  • Can have multiple clocks, but not multiple times
  • Calendar cannot be customized

Very good

As the developer of Clock! rightly points out, the teeny-tiny clock that comes as standard in Windows is hard on the eyes. Give them a rest with a more visible timepiece.

Clock! is a simple-looking clock application that hides plenty of extras - a variety of skins, a calendar and alarm functions. The clock itself can be modified as you like - chose from 5 different sizes, drag-and-drop location and a choice of over 40 styles. You can also upload and modify an image of your own, setting that as the background to your customizable clock.

You can access Clock!'s options by right-clicking either on the clock itself or on the icon in the taskbar. The two main features in the options menu are the alarm and calendar. The alarm function is very complete, allowing you to set as many alarms as you like using an alarm tone of your choosing. You can also set Clock!'s alarm to execute a program or repeat over a period of time, as well as adding notes so that you remember exactly why you set an alarm in the first place! The calendar function is basic, and unfortunately does not allow you to add notes or customize the display.

There are lots of clock applications out there, and some have more features than Clock! That said, many people will appreciate the fact that Clock! does exactly what it says it will, without any frills or fuss. Clock!'s range of skins, efficient alarms and general streamlining are a strong selling point, and if you are in need of a clock, you could do much worse.

Clock! is a functional, full-featured application that will brighten up any desktop.



Clock! 2.3

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    Incredible Clock! 2.3.
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