Clock 1.2

Digital and analog alarm clocks


  • Choice of analog or digital
  • Large, clear displays
  • Choice of alarm tones


  • Not particularly attractive
  • No customization options


While many mobile devices these days have graphically rich clock and calendar displays, the Palm is somewhat lacking in this area.

Clock is a small application that adds a simple analog and digital clock display to your device. Both the analog and digital displays occupy the full screen and you can switch easily between the two by tapping the stylus, or selecting the display from the menu.

Although faces are very clear, they're not exactly what you'd call exciting. The analog clock only uses three colors and is quite pixelated. The digital clock is nice and bold but only comes in black and white and doesn't display miliseconds.

The program also features an alarm which is easy to set and comes with a choice of four different tones. You also get a volume control, which can be set using a slider. There's only one alarm though, and I would've liked to have seen an option for setting multiple alarms.

If you want a clear, visible clock display for your Palm, this app delivers that. It's just a shame it isn't a little more customizable.

The clock is a simple color Palm OS application. I wrote the first version of it one evening when I discovered I did not have a clock to wake up to after moving my daughter into a new house. I had an extra half an hour so I wrote a digital clock and later updated it to both analog and digital. Modified it to test out the new Palm OS 3.5 color support just to try out the use of color.

The clock makes a good test bed for learning more about the Palm OS. Since the original an alarm has been added and offscreen drawing is being utilized to make the display update smoother.

User reviews about Clock

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